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NO Drive-Thru at Burger King!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Over the summer, residents of the Lake Walker Community Association (LWCA) expressed concerns regarding the proposed Burger King with a drive-thru to be constructed near the intersection of York and Walker. The LWCA, with the assistance of neighbor volunteers, collected feedback from the neighborhood. This feedback, while not unanimous, was overwhelmingly negative—prompting LWCA to act on the neighborhood’s behalf. Additionally, during the fall, letters of support were submitted as well as Lake Walker residents appeared before the Baltimore Municipal Zoning Appeals (BMZA) board. At issue was the question of whether the City would approve a variance to construct a drive-through on the Burger King property.

Thanks to the efforts of neighbors, the BMZA decision was postponed. The BMZA then awaited the results of a City traffic study (to be conducted on Walker Ave.) to determine whether to allow the drive-through. And, last month, the request for the drive-through was denied. See Lake Walker's website for more information:

Note: I attended the LWCA meeting back in the Fall and heard from several residents. In addition, I supported the neighborhood's efforts opposing the drive-thru based off of the overwhelming concerns which stemmed from safety and zoning to environmental factors. In fact, I wrote a letter of support on behalf of the Lake Walker neighborhood:

Next, during our first candidate forum at Northside Baptist Church on February 6, 2020, the question was asked for all 10 candidates: If elected, would you be willing to sponsor, support and vote for legislation to ban new drive-thru construction, here were the answers: V. Lee Brady (Yes), William "Sam" Broaddus III (No), Nicole Harris-Crest (Yes), Zac Dingle (I will have to get back to you on that), Mark Conway (Yes, fight climate change), Tim Goldsby (Absolutely), Logan Endow (Yes), Stanley Cole (Yes, we have enough), Angie Winder (Yes, I will follow the lead of my community) and Anson Asaka (Yes).

Not only did I answer the above question, but I was also the only candidate that had attended that meeting at LWCA last year.

"Leaders don't create followers, they create more Leaders." We are all leaders in our community. One of my priorities will be to assure that every neighborhood has the adequate resources, tools and support needed to thrive.

As your Councilwoman, I will continue to lead with the community at the center of my decision.

Best Regards,

Angie Winder,

Candidate for City Council,

District 4

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