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People First Approach: District 43 needs a leader who is accessible, engaged and willing to execute the needs of everyone in the district. When re-elected, Angie will continue to:


  • Schedule regularly district meetings to keep constituents informed

  • Utilize enhanced technology and creative communication methods

  • Work and advocate for a government that is open and transparent

  • Restore a more unified district that is enriched with unique communities


As the current State Central Committee 43rd Legislative District Chair, Angie understands what it takes to connect communities and families while building healthy relationships. She believes that it takes a collaborative and holistic approach to address the local concerns and that it begins with building meaningful partnerships. Angie believes in working together as a village to establish Strong Communities! As the Founder of Restoring the Village Project and the Radio Host of the RTV Radio Show, she has successfully been a true connector within the city. A strong district includes everyone within the equation: our youth, middle aged residents and our seniors whom are the pillars of our community. District 43 needs a leader who is capable and willing to bridge the gap to bring everyone together. That's what Angie has done over the years.

Be More Safe Approach: District 43 needs to be a safe environment for all families. When re-elected, Angie will continue to:

  • Work closely with residents, community associations and businesses

  • Strengthen the relationship between the community and law enforcement

  • Provide support for re-entry programs, homelessness and behavioral health services

  • Work with the Mayor's Office to remove blight in our District

As a widow, Angie understands firsthand the need for comprehensive and wrap-around services. Not only does one want to feel safe but they also want to be provided with the opportunities to actually BE safe. She strongly believes in community policing and being transparent in order to effectively build trust. In addition, she feels that there is a great need to enhance technology used by Baltimore City officers as well as 311 and 911 operators. We need to properly track what's working and what's not. We also need to be sure that every approach made is fair and just. To her core, she believes that crime is a symptom of poverty and hopelessness. To tackle this, a diverse approach is required. This approach will need to address crime and deter it but also address the environment that perpetuates it.



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Our Youth Matter Approach: Investing in families and our youth can help to rebuild a sense of community back into our district. When re-elected, Angie will continue to:

  • Strengthen partnerships between the city and schools

  • Advocate for additional funding, recreational centers and after-school programs

  • Foster an environment that would promote parental involvement

  • Work towards seeing that our schools are safe and have quality education

As a Community Advocate, Angie understands that it takes working with stakeholders to create a safe and healthy learning environment for schools, staff and children. It also entails preparing our youth for a brighter future rather it be as an entrepreneur, preparation for college or a trade school. She understands the benefit of investing into vocational schools and also into STEM programs. Technology is advancing daily and we must continue to prepare our youth and their families. Angie will provide a safe environment within the district that will offer adequate support and resources to the youth as well as to their families.

Fight for Working People Approach: We need a vibrant district that is devoted to stabilizing our economy, infrastructure and environment. When re-elected, Angie will continue to:

  • Push for equal infrastructure and neighborhood investments

  • Support small business incentive programs and retain our local talent

  • Advocate for increased opportunities such as job training and a livable wage

  • Support initiatives that will provide accessibility for all families

As a Homeowner and a Working Woman, Angie will fight to redefine affordability for every constituent. She believes that equal investments throughout the district will in return provide healthy and energetic neighborhoods. In addition, she will work towards assisting every resident who is in need of support. As a current Central Committee member, Angie strives to help constituents navigate through the resources already available as well as listen to ways that we can improve or create new ideas.




"Every Great Dream begins with a Dreamer. Always Remember, you have within you the Strength, the Patience and the Passion to Reach for the Stars to change the World."  - Harriet Tubman

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