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Being bold, active and consistent as a community advocate, Angie Winder has worked tirelessly to bring positive change to the City of Baltimore for more than a decade. She is dedicated to fighting for equality for all people through her community outreach efforts and wishes to continue to do so if re-elected to the Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee, D43.

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In 2018, Angie Winder ran a successful campaign and was sworn in as a Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee (BCDSCC) elected member. She currently serves as the Chair for the 43rd Legislative District and the Vice Chair of the Communications Committee where she and the team are rebuilding relationships within the district. In addition, Angie serves on the Parent and Community Advisory Board (PCAB), the Baltimore Women's March Steering Committee, the Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School (Mervo) Alumni Association Board and the Co-Chair of the Yorkwood Elementary School Family Council. In addition, she currently serves as the President of the Northeast Community Organization (NECO), an umbrella organization representing over 20 community associations and institutions in North and Northeast Baltimore City.


Her passion to serve and desire to run for office were inspired by her late husband who was a victim of homicide in Baltimore City. Angie channeled her grief into action by devoting her time to helping others in the community. She completed Bereavement Training through Roberta’s House, receiving a certification as a Certified Grief Facilitator. In addition, she received training through the Green Heart University (GHU), becoming a Certified Mental Health Advocate. Angie recently launched a Mental Health Support Group for families. Providing comfort and support to other grieving families birthed her mission, to become a community leader committed to the cause of making Baltimore better.


Over the course of her advocacy, Angie has become a pillar in the city. She assisted the Council to pass a resolution to prohibit knives in commercial display, testifies at School Board meetings on behalf of students and was a guest speaker for the Baltimore Women’s March -- speaking along with several women in public office such as the Mayor, State’s Attorney and many others. (To read full speech, click here)


In 2009, she partnered with the Great Blacks in Wax Museum to launch “Bridgin’ a Gap,” a program that provided youth services such as art, dance, mentoring and more. The program eventually grew to have a mission focused more on the holistic development and extended resources to the entire city.


In 2016, Angie fine-tuned these efforts even further through the development of “Restoring the Village” (RTV); building meaningful partnerships as she deeply believes in a collaborative approach. She is often described by others as a “Connector in the City,” using her talents, platform and experiences to help others. She does everything that she can to keep her ears to the ground, staying in-tune with not only the problems and needs throughout the city, but the great things that are happening daily as well. Evidence of this is seen as RTV currently has a multitude of community partnerships, posturing Angie as a well-respected and trusted leader in the city.

Born and raised in Baltimore’s Park Heights Community, Angie overcame many of the obstacles that are faced by local youth today. Those experiences help her to relate to the issues concerning our communities and the needs of the people. She received her education through the Baltimore City Public School System, graduating from Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School with a Certificate and Accreditations in Computer-Aided Drafting Design (CADD). She also attended Baltimore City Community College for continued certifications in CADD. In addition, she graduated from Fortis College (formerly known as Medix) for Medical Assisting.

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The ultimate mission for Angie remains unchanged: fighting for equal rights for all communities. By trade, she is a Mechanical Engineer Technician/Sr. CAD Designer recently being promoted to QA Checker. She’s been a homeowner for 18 years in the 43rd District where she serves, and has lived in the district for a total of 23 years.


I am asking for your vote once again:

A vote for "ANGIE WINDER" is a WIN for Baltimore City!

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